About Your Flight Attendant

Rome 017-1I’m a 26 year-old flight attendant for a regional airline with aspirations of making it to the bigtime.  I fly (when they let me), I photograph (when I remember to), and I travel (when I have the money).

Though I work on the baby birds, I can travel wherever momma bird goes.  I won’t say who the company is, but you’ll find that out eventually through context clues (surely you were taught how to use context clues in elementary school).  Perhaps when the industry pulls itself out of the crapper I’ll be able to make it to the big leagues, but for now I’m loving my job and doing the best I can to not open the doors and start tossing people out.

I’ve many varied interests (in no particular order save the arbitrary one I listed them):

  1. Beer, and not getting drunk, but trying all the wonderfully tasty brews
  2. Getting stamps in my passport
  3. Reading, mostly travel stuff to feed the beast between vacations
  4. Sleeping
  5. Cooking
  6. Georgia football (the University, not the state)
  7. Photography

Right now I work to live, and I live to travel.  I don’t get to do it all the time so I fill the space between my No. 2s with as much of Nos. 1, 3-7 as possible.  With any luck I’ll be doing all six of those items on a regular basis (plus many more), and improving this nice little piece of Interweb real estate.

4 Responses to “About Your Flight Attendant”

  1. Rachael Fitts Says:

    quit playing. you like getting drunk.

  2. Johnny Sands Says:

    Nice blog, Fitts. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about you and your experiences with the incompetent. Of course work wouldnt be as interesting as it is now if everyone cooperated. Haha.

  3. free2fly-@live.com Says:

    Context Clue!! I think you work for Comair. I like your website and think your funny. How about an update??

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