Don’t Sit There

So I’m finally working again.  I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve flown.  I originally had Hot Reserve this morning (6th time this month), but thankfully someone called in sick the night before and I was the only one who could work the flight on time.  Originally I was a little upset when I saw I had a 4-day trip put on my schedule (why?  I need the work), but then I saw I was working with my favorite captain.  Without sounding like I have a crush on him, let me just that he’s a man’s man and a lot of fun to fly with.

Anyway, somewhere along the way 5D’s seatback breaks.  As an empty seat it looks normal, but put a body in it and the seatback just reclines.  It doesn’t recline any more than normal; it just reclines without pressing the button.  Sit up and the seat pops back up on its own.  This is a safety issue for the people in 6D & F since it can impede their egress into the aisle during an evacuation.  So I tell the captain, and he calls maintenance who responds by saying that they are really busy fixing a bunch of planes for another regional airline and can’t spend five minutes to tighten a seatback (it literally takes less than two minutes to fix; I’ve seen it done).  Instead, we defer the seats and make it so no one can sit in them . . . or so we think.

We flip the seat cushions upside and thread the seatbelts through the straps (the cushions are an approved flotation device after all) and buckle it in.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the massive stickers that say “DO NOT OCCUPY,” but you’d think that an upside down seat cushion that you have to unbuckle would send up a red flag to a passenger.  Yeah, you’d think that, but you’d be wrong as hell.  After 38 people board my plane, I walk down the aisle closing overhead bins and looking at bags, and what do I see?  That’s right.  Two people sitting in 6D and 6F.  I tell them the seats are out of commission and explain why, and the husband says (in a friendly manner), “Well, we put them back in commission.”  I politely ask them to move and they oblige, but as they sit down, the guy across the aisle in 6C starts to move his jacket over to the seat so he can have them to himself!  What is wrong with these people?!  Seriously, if I saw that my seat had an upside down seat cushion buckled down, I’d wait and ask someone in charge what the the scoop was.  These people are ridiculous.

Before the passengers boarded the captain made a joke about people still sitting there, not realizing they actually would.  I knew someone would because I’ve had people do it before.  People are idiots; God love ’em.

One Response to “Don’t Sit There”

  1. Wow, that is ridiculous! And… almost kind of sad haha

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