Hot Coffee

Yesterday I was working the two hundo (CRJ-200), which I hate because I’m so incredibly lazy and don’t enjoy working by myself.  It had been a while since I’d had to work by myself for a complete 12 hours (I know, I’m needy), and I guess I left my A-game at security so it’s a good thing that I perform at such a consistently high level that my B-game leaves nothing to be desired.

When we do our beverage service we put a drawer on top of the drink cart; this drawer holds the coffee, water, cups, and just about everything else needed for the service that isn’t in can or cube form.  This drawer goes on top of a little dinky sliding shelf to give us room to pour drinks and perform the service efficiently.  So I’m at the first row and I notice that the shelf is not pushed completely out denying me all the space I need to work.  To remedy this I push the shelf out more, not thinking I have a freshly brewed, piping hot pot of coffee sitting on top.

As soon as the shelf moves to its farthest point, the coffee comes sloshing up out of the pot and gets all over the cart, the cream, the sugar, the cups, the water, the napkins, and . . .

The passengers.  Aww, shucks!  Don’t I feel like a schmuck.  Thankfully, most of the damage was limited to the cart, with 1C and 2C sustaining only a sprinkling of Joe.  1C was wearing a fancy North Face waterproof jacket so he was OK, and  2C was wearing shorts (Really?  It’s November, and you’re an adult.  Shorts?  Get real.) and a short sleeve shirt.  When I asked if I got any on him, he responds with, “Whatever it was, it was hot.”  I couldn’t laugh since I had just made a rookie mistake (I’m a check flight attendant, folks.  I’m better than that), so instead I apologized profusely to them both.  As I’m serving 1A his ginger ale, 1C comes back for more and leans forward.  My hand brushes the top of his head causing me to nearly spill another beverage on him.  Thankfully he was bald so my hand glided smoothly over the top; had his noggin not been so silky smooth (seriously, like a baby’s behind) it would have been a disaster of epic proportions.

I guess I’m pretty lucky that these guys didn’t flip since most passengers are batshit crazy these days.  It was of course an honest mistake on my part, and had it happened to me it would be a complete non-issue.  Thankfully, that’s how it was with these guys.  1C didn’t even expect me to comp his Pringles when he asked for them.  Maybe I’m just cynical, but I honestly expect the worst from passengers when something goes slightly wrong.  Maybe one day I will have to regulate on some bustas.

2 Responses to “Hot Coffee”

  1. Andrea Grant Says:

    Thomas, I am still crying from laughing so hard. I think it is so funny because I can see it happening to you or me! I am glad you got your practice back on the 200, lonesome times, huh? Still enjoying your blog, I look for it everyday!! (Is there something wrong with me–no–I just enjoy your writings!)

  2. Andrea Grant Says:

    By the way I wanted to point out that all this happened after you made it over the metal hurdle on the floor at the first row. While I was beginning my service this morning I was thinking about you. What idiot ever thought of putting a threshold there? They obviously didn’t consult a FA!

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