Late Shows

I had a show time today of 1918, or 7:18pm for the uninitiated.  scheduleYou might be thinking, “Wow, 7:18 sure is awfully late to go to work!” and you’d be bang on.  I got in at midnight the night before, giving me 19 hours before I had to be anywhere.  I knew all day that I was to be at the airport at 1918, but the closer it got to report time – and by closer I mean four hours before – the more I began to doubt myself.  I kept checking my schedule to make sure it really was 1918 and not 1718 or even 1518.  Why hasn’t Crew Scheduling called me to ask where I am?  Did they just mark me down as a no show with no concern for my well-being? When I wasn’t busy signing in to CrewTrac, I concerned myself with trying to decipher the 24-hour clock.  What time was 1918?  Let’s see…19 minus 12 equals 7; it’s 7:18 I’m supposed to be there. Geesh!  I couldn’t concentrate on more productive things like wasting my time listening to Pandora or taking  a nap.  Don’t misunderstand me: I’m all about late show times; it gives me more time to sleep in.  But if it were up to me, I’d stick to the earlier late shows like 1645.

Now what time is that?

3 Responses to “Late Shows”

  1. well: did you arrive on time?

  2. does the international mean Bahamas because Canada may come later?

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