My first…tee hee

I’ve been lurking on the web for a while, reading other peoples’ blogs, and realizing I have no creative outlet for myself I decided to have a go at this.  I won’t say why I call myself a rarity; I’d imagine anyone reading this is smart enough to figure it out given enough time.  If you’re not smart enough to figure it out, then I’d imagine you’re not even the one reading.  I suspect that here you’ll find quite a bit of bitching, a fair amount of wishing, and even a decent share of good ol’ being.  I won’t tell you to “hang on” or “buckle up” because this isn’t a ride, but I will say that I hope you enjoy what I write.  If I bore you, let me know so I can quit wasting everyone’s time.

I fly for a regional airline.  Though I work on the baby birds, I can travel wherever momma bird goes.  I won’t say who the company is, but you’ll find that out eventually through context clues (surely you were taught how to use context clues in elementary school).  Perhaps when the industry pulls itself out of the crapper I’ll be able to make it to the big leagues, but for now I’m loving my job and doing the best I can to not open the doors and start tossing people out.

I’ve got a goodly amount of ideas for posts, but I don’t want to peak too soon and write them all in one weekend.  That said, all my ideas will probably make their way on to the Internets (yes, plural) within a few days.  What you can expect:

  • Catering woes wrought upon me by lazy FAs and incompetent caterers
  • Possible Probable Definite international flying for our airline
  • New snacks that we sell (read: peddle)
  • Passenger behavior
  • Attitudes of crew members from other bases
  • Virtues? of slam-clicking v. not slam-clicking
  • Not holding weekends
  • Miscellany

Oh, and if you figure out who I work for (birds, both baby and momma), I should probably say that the views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not reflect those of the airline, management, or fellow employees.

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